Seven Hundred Beachfront

To avoid fixing her problems, Bev escapes to a quiet seaside town and finds that the house she is trying to repair is attempting to fix her back.

I started writing this story one fine evening in a Chicago hotel. I was traveling for work and was done for the day. It was just a few months after I discovered I loved to write, and stories were yet to be shaped correctly in my head. So, after watching a movie set in a little town in North Carolina, I felt so inspired that I imagined Bev and her little brother, Bobby, driving to a new house next to the beach in North Carolina. 

The tattered house appeared after a bend in the dirt road, its painting long gone and barely habitable. Bev hated it. She wanted nothing more than to turn back to her old life, but that wasn’t an option.

And then, something wonderful happened. Her story unfolded before my eyes (or should I say, beneath my fingertips) and before I knew it, I was crying with her, dancing drunkenly with her, and having the time of my life.

I can’t wait to share this story of discovery and love.

Seven Hundred Beachfront