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The line between triumph and tragedy is as fragile as a twist of faete.

Ryanne’s quest to unearth the elusive spark of creation within Titus that holds the fae’s salvation isn’t going exactly as planned. After all Ryanne wasn’t supposed to fall for the pirate. Her fae mentors warned her she could lose her humanity if she get too close to the bradaís, eternal foes of the fae. But how do they expect her to complete her mission without getting too involved? It would be so much easier if Titus didn’t make her feel safe … and excited.

Titus seeks solace in Ryanne’s arms, the one person who can soothe his darkness within. Haunted by his past, he is determined to remain hidden, away from the relentless fae and the ruthless bradaís alike. Confronting either could spell disaster for the fragile peace he’s found with Ryanne.

Ryanne finds herself ensnared in a deadly game of fae and bradaís. The conflict threatens to crush her spirit and twist her fate with a darkness that is beyond anything she’s encountered before. Can she conquer her fears and stand against the most powerful of the bradaís while still protecting her beloved fae?

After all, she is no longer caílin—a child to the fae. Yet, it seems she may no longer be entirely human either.

Curiosity kills little seers who get too close to bradaís, the eternal foe of the fae.

All Ryanne Kelly dreams of is a normal dating life, which is impossible when her fae gift of foresight tells her exactly how badly each romance will end. Just when Ryanne decides to give up on dating, she meets a mysterious stranger who doesn’t activate her seer gifts.

Titus Doyle has adjusted to modern living despite the fact that he is an immortal bradaí who yearns for the good ole times. He and his band of mercenaries use the internet to find new clients to quench his thirst for gold. His lust to kill fae, however, is much harder to satisfy. When Titus meets Ryanne, he recognizes her as a seer and knows what she is worth.

As their two lives collide, the primeval battle between fae and bradaís reignites. Ryanne’s human side sees more in Titus than the killing machine the fae claim him to be. Meanwhile, Titus must fight his primal urges as his feelings for Ryanne grow.

When an ancient queen of the fae gives Ryanne a special mission, Ryanne’s success holds the fate of all fae, and maybe bradaís too, in her hands. If she fails, not only will she lose her touch of fae, but the land she loves will be obliterated, and so will the fae.

About the Author

I’m so excited to be with Cursed Dragon Ship Publishing! Their crew is fantastic and I’m jumping like a gnome trying to reach her favorite fruit. In this interview, I talk about Touch of Faete, a contemporary fantasy romance adventure you don’t want to miss!

Very exciting stuff.

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One of the most wondrous things about writing is when you allow yourself to be unrestricted, to let your creativity free like a kitten with a ball of yarn. See words taking shape, characters coming to life, dialogue pacing beautifully, and new lands bursting into the landscape. It is better than munching warm chocolate cookies on a Sunday morning with no chores at hand and diet be damned. It’s better than watching a great movie or reading a magnificent book since it’s your world. Your ideas are painting the white canvas of a new story.

That’s what I love about writing. Create. Imagine. Feel. Get lost in emotions and a brand new world.

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