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Burden of Faete is here and boy, what a ride! So stocked with the ARC readers response!

If you missed the launch, no worries, we got you 🙂 Check the Youtube video and get your popcorn ready!

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The line between triumph and tragedy is as fragile as a twist of faete.

Ryanne embarks on a perilous journey to unlock the secret spark of creation within Titus, a pirate with whom she unexpectedly falls in love.

Despite warnings from her fae mentors about the dangers of getting too close to Titus, Ryanne finds herself torn between her mission and her heart’s desires. Meanwhile, Titus, haunted by his past and seeking refuge in Ryanne’s embrace, struggles to protect their fragile peace from the relentless fae and the ruthless bradaís. As Ryanne becomes entangled in a deadly game between fae and bradaís, she must confront her deepest fears and embrace her newfound identity to stand against the forces threatening her beloved fae.

Curiosity kills little seers who get too close to bradaís, the eternal foe of the fae.

Ryanne Kelly’s fae gift of foresight makes her a target for bradaís or—as her pixie companion Bricius calls them—pirates. When bradaí Titus Doyle kidnaps her, Ryanne must face the truth of her power or lose it forever. Titus’s instincts tell him to kill fae and collect gold. Yet something deep inside muddles the darkness and yearns for more. Ryanne and Titus are fated to change the destiny of both races, whether that means destruction or salvation depends on their choices.


About the Author

I’m so excited to be with Cursed Dragon Ship Publishing! Their crew is fantastic and I’m jumping like a gnome trying to reach her favorite fruit. In this interview, I talk about Touch of Faete, a contemporary fantasy romance adventure you don’t want to miss!

Very exciting stuff.

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One of the most wondrous things about writing is when you allow yourself to be unrestricted, to let your creativity free like a kitten with a ball of yarn. See words taking shape, characters coming to life, dialogue pacing beautifully, and new lands bursting into the landscape. It is better than munching warm chocolate cookies on a Sunday morning with no chores at hand and diet be damned. It’s better than watching a great movie or reading a magnificent book since it’s your world. Your ideas are painting the white canvas of a new story.

That’s what I love about writing. Create. Imagine. Feel. Get lost in emotions and a brand new world.

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