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My short story, Always, is available now in the anthology, Refracted Reflections.

This unique and imaginative collection of nine mind tantalizing fantasy and science fiction stories, where my own story Always appear, will appeal to readers who enjoy thought provoking tales with hidden meanings resting deep below the surface. These stories will keep you pondering long into the night.

Hey ya! I got an interview!

And believe me, I’m so excited to have signed up with Cursed Dragon Ship Publishing! Their crew is fantastic and I’m jumping like a gnome trying to reach her favorite fruit.

Very exciting stuff.

Coming Soon

Spring 2023

Touch of Faete

A young woman strives to balance her human nature with her fae gift, but when the fae’s worse foe tilts that balance, she will have to choose on which side the gold coin falls

A Fantasy-Romance adventure filled with pirates and fae you don’t want to miss!


My Stories

My stories appear in the following anthologies and journals:

One of the most wondrous things about writing is when you allow yourself to be unrestricted, to let your creativity free like a kitten with a ball of yarn. See words taking shape, characters coming to life, dialogue pacing beautifully, and new lands bursting into the landscape. It is better than munching warm chocolate cookies on a Sunday morning with no chores at hand and diet be damned. It’s better than watching a great movie or reading a magnificent book since it’s your world. Your ideas are painting the white canvas of a new story.

That’s what I love about writing. Create. Imagine. Feel. Get lost in emotions and a brand new world.

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