Ligia de Wit

Touch of Faete

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Curiosity kills little seers who get too close to bradaís, the eternal foe of the fae.

All Ryanne Kelly dreams of is a normal dating life, which is impossible when her fae gift of foresight tells her exactly how badly each romance will end. Just when Ryanne decides to give up on dating, she meets a mysterious stranger who doesn’t activate her seer gifts.

Titus Doyle has adjusted to modern living despite the fact that he is an immortal bradaí who yearns for the good ole times. He and his band of mercenaries use the internet to find new clients to quench his thirst for gold. His lust to kill fae, however, is much harder to satisfy. When Titus meets Ryanne, he recognizes her as a seer and knows what she is worth.

As their two lives collide, the primeval battle between fae and bradaís reignites. Ryanne’s human side sees more in Titus than the killing machine the fae claim him to be. Meanwhile, Titus must fight his primal urges as his feelings for Ryanne grow.

When an ancient queen of the fae gives Ryanne a special mission, Ryanne’s success holds the fate of all fae, and maybe bradaís too, in her hands. If she fails, not only will she lose her touch of fae, but the land she loves will be obliterated, and so will the fae.

Touch of Faete

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Kelving Maddie

What do you get when you mix apples with magic? That’s something Maddie Mayer will find out as she trudges through the maze of the mind of kelves as she teaches them Mathematics.

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Dusk of Thunder

A troubled king loses everything—his wife, his newborn, his power—but he finds his humanity as he searches for the sorcerer who’s bent on destroying everything he holds true.

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Daughter of Avalon

Major Derrick Yellowknife came to the remote planet of Avalon to escape his dark past and find a way to bring his family from dying Earth. He never thought he would be fighting the planet’s own dark side.

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Seven Hundred Beachfront

To avoid fixing her problems, Bev escapes to a quiet seaside town and finds that the house she is trying to repair is attempting to fix her back.

I started writing this story one fine evening in a Chicago hotel. I was traveling for work and was done for the day. It was just a few months after I discovered I loved to write, and stories were yet to be shaped correctly in my head. So, after watching a movie set in a little town in North Carolina, I felt so inspired that I imagined Bev and her little brother, Bobby, driving to a new house next to the beach in North Carolina. 

The tattered house appeared after a bend in the dirt road, its painting long gone and barely habitable. Bev hated it. She wanted nothing more than to turn back to her old life, but that wasn’t an option.

And then, something wonderful happened. Her story unfolded before my eyes (or should I say, beneath my fingertips) and before I knew it, I was crying with her, dancing drunkenly with her, and having the time of my life.

I can’t wait to share this story of discovery and love.

Seven Hundred Beachfront

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