My Novels

I am working on several novels. Click on the titles to learn more about my progress, research, and what inspired me to write these stories.

Exciting news: My debut novel will be published in Spring 2023

My New Fantasy Novel

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Kelving Maddie

What do you get when you mix apples with magic? That’s something Maddie Mayer will find out as she trudges through the maze of the mind of kelves as she teaches them Mathematics.

Seven Hundred Beachfront

To avoid fixing her problems, Bev escapes to a quiet seaside town and finds that the house she is trying to repair is attempting to fix her back.

Dusk of Thunder

A troubled king loses everything—his wife, his newborn, his power—but he finds his humanity as he searches for the sorcerer who’s bent on destroying everything he holds true.

Daughter of Avalon

Major Derrick Yellowknife came to the remote planet of Avalon to escape his dark past and find a way to bring his family from dying Earth. He never thought he would be fighting the planet’s own dark side.