One of the most wondrous things about writing is when you allow yourself to be unrestricted, to let your creativity free like a kitten with a ball of yarn. See words taking shape, characters coming to life, dialogue pacing beautifully, and new lands bursting into the landscape. It is better than munching warm chocolate cookies on a Sunday morning with no chores at hand and diet be damned. It’s better than watching a great movie or reading a magnificent book since it’s your world. Your ideas are painting the white canvas of a new story.

That’s what I love about writing. Create. Imagine. Feel. Get lost in emotions and a brand new world.

Below you can find my work in progress. I’m working hard to bring them to the big, bright outside world!


Touch of Faete.

A young woman strives to balance her human nature with her fae gift, but when the fae’s worse foe tilts that balance,  she will have to choose on which side the gold coin falls.

Seven Hundred Beachfront.

To avoid fixing her problems, Bev escapes to a quiet seaside town and finds that the house she is trying to repair is attempting to fix her back.

Dusk of Thunder (working title)
A troubled king loses everything—his wife, his newborn, his power—but he finds his humanity as he searches for the sorcerer who’s bent on destroying everything he holds true.

.Kelving Maddie.

What do you get when you mix apples with magic? That’s something Maddie Mayer will find out as she trudges through the maze of the mind of kelves as she teaches them Mathematics.

Daughter of Avalon (working title)

Major Derrick Yellowknife came to the remote planet of Avalon to escape his dark past and find a way to bring his family from dying Earth. He never thought he would be fighting the planet’s own dark side.


Short stories

Whispering Heights -Robyn has forgotten why she died until a beat cop angel forces her to face her killer.

The Fimmel Test.

Private Fiona Whitaker is certain that she has conquered her worse nightmares as she restlessly looks for her brother, the last survivor of her family. The Fimmel Test will tell her otherwise.

Always — When a goddess shows Bali a portal, she has to choose between going to a magnificent new world or be true to her heart.

Feral — Some of us have a wild cat inside. Mild-mannered Dorothy is in a big surprise when she finds her own.

Gilded Smoke — Will promises himself this is the last break-in. He’ll soon find out how true his promise is.

Storm Number Thirteen — Little Jeden lets mysterious Storm inside the cottage, but he could mean the end of their twelve lives as they know it.

Watery Roots – Allegra has tried to fill the hole left by the loss of her father. With the truth finally revealed, she wished she could have remained ignorant.


And some others that are still in my mind’s oven