Meet the characters from the Bradaís Pledge universe

Interviewer: Tell me about a normal day in your life.
Ryanne: I like to jog in the mornings… wait, that’s half the truth. I have a bug, I mean, a pixie who likes to wake me up early even if I partied the night before with friends.
I: Wait, what? A pixie?
R: Yup. He’s been my pixie guardian since I was eight.
I: How does that work? Isn’t he a little bit small to be a guardian? (Interviewer snickers)
R: You would think so. Never underestimate someone by their size. Bricius is brave and I’ve seen his fists making a dent in metal.
I: (clears throat) I guess we shouldn’t dismiss him.
R: I guess we shouldn’t.
I: Where is he? Shouldn’t he be here if he’s your guardian?
R: Oh, he’s here. You complained about something pinching your cheek earlier.
I: (looks around, bewildered) He’s invisible?
R: To you. To most humans.
I: You ARE human.
R: With a touch of fae, don’t forget.
I: How does that work?
R: It feels a bit cold inside my chest. Like an eel who wants to be petted.
I: (clearing throat) Eels like to be petted?
R: (chirping) That’s how it feels! Very odd. But when I go to… ehhh… Fairyland—
I: That’s a silly name.
R: Because that’s not its name. But I can’t tell you the real one. Anyway, when I go there, my touch of fae feels more energized. Like a pinball.
I: That’s cool. You must feel like a superwoman, all-powerful!
R: Weell, not exactly. It’s a bit annoying, actually, and the only thing it does is to show me with whom any man I like ends up. VERY annoying.
I: Explain that a little more.
R: So I have visions thanks to my touch of fae … (leans forward)… Not a fun thing for the fae to give, huh?
I: Doesn’t sound like it. 
R: They’re nice, though, even as they can be a bit stern… Oh, Bricius says that it’s a wonderful land, but sadly, I’m the only human allowed to visit. That makes me a very lucky girl indeed.

Interviewer: So you are a bradaí. What is exactly a bradaí?
Titus: A bunch of gold-lusting hyenas, liars, and not to be trusted.
I: That’s … you.
T: That I am. And that’s my kin. That’s why I’m as far away from them as I can.
I: Very well. We covered that. You’re also immortal.
T: Aye. We cannot be killed, no matter how hard the fae try.
I: They don’t like bradaís?
T: Hell no! They’d eliminate us if they could. But then, that’s what bradaís do. Kill fae as a way of life.
I: Got that. Was there ever a time you wanted to be mortal?
T: Whatever for? 
I: So no human envy?
T: You mean I could envy smelly, weak, and unimportant creatures.
I: Uh, I guess not. I’m human, by the way. And so was the girl interviewed before you.
T: The pretty, albeit common one? Not interested. Do you have any good questions, or are you going to keep wasting my time? Not that I ever run short of time.
I: Let’s call it a day.